Ferera is a Greek company based in Rethymno, Crete in Greece. Founded in 2008 by Orestis Mouzenidis.

       Ferera is one of the world’s most famous fur fashion brands that establishes more and more its name in the world of fur fashion.
Ferera brand is collaborating with international premium fur manufacturers and brands and now is presenting the best Fur Collections by Vito Ponti, Versavi, Velentzas, Cassiani, Dios, Alessio, Kasapis  and Fur Collections by Ferera of course.
Ferera trades fur garments made of Mink, Sable, Catlynx, Chinchilla, Fox and  Swakara skins which are bought by the world’s largest auctions such as Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark), NAFA & Blackglama (Canada), SAGA Furs (Finland), American Legend , Sojuzpushnina (Russia).

What is Ferera's mission?
To ensure the highest quality of each fur garment, to full satisfy each customer one by one.
How does Ferera brand becomes more and more famous?
In Ferera there is a top value: “Love Fashion without limits, then create fashion without limits” and one top rule “Quality is paramount”.

That is the reason that Ferera is specialist in Furs!


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